Moxie number one – done!



My new sewing machine

Picked up this sweet little machine at an auction this week – a Singer 128 with Vencedora decals and a bentwood box – very flashy and works great – just needs a bit of a clean up.  Now if I could just find some attachments for it…IMG_1981

Sewing machine woes

Working on leather is really taxing my Janome machine.  I have a few bags I will need to either take to a tailor, OR, try to finish on our 1911 White.  I doubled over the leather, as you would a strap and the White seemed to have no trouble going through it.  Now I just need to figure out how to thread the darn thing!  Wish me luck.img_1499

My creative space…

Not there yet, but it’s coming along.  Floor is in and tile down (not yet in this pic), most of the painting is done.  Need to put trim on and, most importantly, get my cabinets up!  That’s the job for this weekend!