Leather buy…

Purchased some more leather today – awesome prices at Perfect Leather in Toronto.  Can’t wait to get some more projects underway.  Photos to come.


Decisions, decisions!

I really can’t decide which combo to create next!  LOVED the “Celine” pattern from @sewsweetness so much I made one and have three or four more in the plans…

Summer IS coming!

Really, it IS!!  That means I have to step up production on my rattan furniture cushions as we intend to put the furniture on the boat.  I am really pleased with how they are looking.  No pattern…just made it up myself.  Fabric is indoor/outdoor. A vast improvement on the faded gold.

Bag making struggles

Spent the weekend struggling to get this bag finished.  It’s done – but it will be a tester! The lining gave me LOADS of grief.  I couldn’t figure out why the side gussets were too tall, then why they wouldn’t line up with the bag.  Anyway, it IS done and I am happy with the colour combo.